Components; component benefits; component requirements; COM; component conclusions; interfaces are everything; implementing a COM interface;interface theory, part II; behind interface; the building blocks, summarized; QueryInterfaces; QueryInterface rules and regulations; QueryInterface defines the component; handing new versions of components; do you have legs?; reference counting; lifetime control; reference couting overview; when to reference count; the firefighter's coat, in summary; dynamic linking; creating the component; breaking the monolith; bunches of objects; inflexible creation, a summary; HRESULTs, GUIDs, the windows registry, and other details; some COM library functions; making it easier; client-side simplification; server-side simplification; servers in EXEs; different processes; introduction to IDL/MIDL; local server implementation; going remote; dispatch interfaces and automation; a new way of talking; using IDispatch; type libraries; IDispatch implementation; what do you want to do today?; multiple threads; COM threading models; implementing apartment threading; implementing free threading; threading registry keys; summary; putting it all together; the tangram program; demonstrations; circular reference counts; events and connection points; COM is about standard interfaces; phwe; index.

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